Alisa Gould-Simon is a journalist-turned-marketing and branding strategist with over 10 years of experience. Prior to working in technology, Alisa covered culture and women's lifestyle for titles including the New York Times, the Guardian and the Wall Street Journal

In 2010, Alisa co-founded Pose, a mobile-first social network and content discovery experience for fashion. She lead marketing, brand and growth efforts at the company, which was a preferred partner of both Apple ('Best Apps of 2012' and 'Apple Pay' launch partner) and Google ('Google Wallet' launch partner). From 2013 until its sale to ecommerce company DailyLook in 2015, Alisa served as co-CEO of the company. At the time of its sale, the Pose community consisted of over 2.5 million registered users and over 3.5 million fashion images.

She is currently an advisor to MATCHCo, a custom cosmetics company based in Santa Monica.

Alisa is trained as a guide with Way of Nature, an organization that facilitates meditation retreats, solos and awareness training in nature. She is passionate about conservation and sustainable agriculture and volunteers with The Carbon Underground, specifically focusing on its Carbon-to-Soil initiative.  In 2015, Alisa founded the flower essence line, Floral Luna.

Alisa was chosen as '35 under 35' in fashion by Glamour magazine and '30 under 30' by Refinery 29. She is a member of the Los Angeles Global Shapers, a youth hub of the World Economic Forum. Alisa graduated from New York University.